System Associate Message

B-17 Campus, Islamabad is one of the newest campuses of Forces School and College System (FSCS). It has been established to cater to the schooling needs of parents in a unique environment that ensures quality education relying on 21st century learning techniques and principles.

Even though I am not an educationist, yet education has been my passion for quite some time. I have dreamed of Qaide Azam’s slogan “Faith Unity Discipline” to be a norm in our daily life. That is possible only if our children are groomed properly during their formative years. That grooming is key to a successful, happy and healthy life. My research for an institution that would focus on children’s grooming side by side with their academic progress led me to FSCS. I was convinced that with a child centric approach FSCS strives to equip the students with higher order critical thinking, analytical and decision-making skills. I was also convinced that while ensuring formal activity-based quality education to the child, focus on character-building, leadership, personality development, correct religious orientation with concurrent efforts on rekindling the spirit of Qaid’s slogan and his vision.

B-17 Campus in Islamabad commenced its operations in August 2022 as provider of pre-school and primary classes in order to deal with and groom children, in their formative sssyears. In this short span of time, we have succeeded in attracting the best possible teachers and administrators. Highly qualified and talented teachers with vast experience in their field, our unique syllabus and teaching methodology, our state-of-the-art equipment and cordial environment and above all our vision have impressed several parents who have brought their children for admission, after visiting several similar schools in the vicinity.

Even though B-17 Sector in Islamabad is fairly new, but because of the new Margalla Road and swift urbanization of Islamabad, its population is increasing fast. Despite several well-reputed school branches in the area our progress is phenomenal. We have just completed our first term exams and our children seem to have done exceptionally well.

We are also lucky to have very cooperative parents; they are all concerned about their children’s grooming and progress. They do agree with us that while schooling is important, it cannot replace the teaching and habits that children acquire from their parents. During a recently concluded parent-teacher-meeting (PTM), it was encouraging to note that almost all the parents were vocal in commending our team’s efforts.

In the coming months and weeks we have great plans for maintaining our standard; we are and will remain second to none.

I am thankful to our team for their untiring effort as well as to our Headquarters for their impeccable and high-quality support.